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A Visual Novel/Adventure Game about hunting supernatural creatures. · By ScalemaiL


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Walkerman Act 1 v1.27
1.27 is now live, here's some patch notes: 1.27: The track "Whistlin' Midgard" replaced by "Hoot and Holler" Prologue re-cut Slightly grayed emotes added to di...
1.25 hotfix #2
Players should be able to start from the Prologue's end title screen without issue now...
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1.25 hotfix
Small issue where players could use the burnt bones in combat without knowing about them beforehand...
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1.25 Patch Notes
Patch 1.25: Knowledge is Power / The Harbor Playground Lots of bugfixes and editing New musical track "Night Moves" from WD General editing work and minor bug...
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1.05 Patch Notes
Here are the patch notes for this post-release hotfix. Some minor spelling and grammar edits. Fixed bug where many achievements would be granted on first launch...
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