1.25 Patch Notes

Patch 1.25: Knowledge is Power / The Harbor Playground

  • Lots of bugfixes and editing 
  • New musical track "Night Moves" from WD
  • General editing work and minor bug fixes
  • Notes System Added (Check Inventory)
  • Act 1 Investigation Revisited
  • Act 1 Combat Segment Expanded
  • Dialogue System Overhaul (Nametags Added)
  • General Combat Overhaul (E.Wounds Above the Textbox)
  • Some Longer, Optional Dialogues Segmented into Menus with Early Exits
  • Extra Achievements

NOTE: If you replay Act 1, start from the Prologue's end. Mid-act saves will be broken from all the new content.
*Saves from end of Act 1 will still be valid for Act 2


Walkerman Act1 v1.25 (568 MB)
74 days ago
Walkerman Act1 v1.25 (568 MB)
Version 1 74 days ago

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