A downloadable game

This is the second installment of Walkerman. It requires the original game to run.

Act 2: Herdchaser-girl
Jorgen has survived his first contract, but now finds himself trapped between the circumstances of his family, religion, and trade. Hounded by their demands—and another more sinister offer—the young walkerman soon finds assistance in the most unlikely of allies...
Early 2018

New Features in Act 2:

  • The second installment of the Walkerman series
  • Another perilous contract full of deadly surprises
  • Many new illustrations, sprites, and musical tracks
  • Mild adult content
  • A new sidesprite for the main character
  • The track "Whistlin' Midgard" has been replaced by "Hoot and Holler"
  • Some changes to how dialogue and emotes are handled

BE WARNED: Walkerman may feature themes and imagery of a violent, disturbing, or sexual nature, and is unsuitable for small children.

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