Corebook 0.94 and Example Encounters Pack

Example Encounters are Released

Known Issues:

  • Between facing, shields, sinks, stamina, etc etc there is way too much stuff to keep track of. Considering streamlining the game further so that it's smoother to play
  • Setup takes a bit too long. Not looking forward to sketching out a new map on the hex tiles for every encounter during a scenario playthrough
  • Very fine line between magic being either over or underpowered
  • The Formation Fighter rules in Sternrise Prison Yard are probably too complex for newer players

Although the game was meant for its chapters to be played in a random order, I'll probably add a tutorial chapter to the companion scenario to stop the labyrinth of rules from feeling so daunting. Using more pictures in the corebook will also help some.


FFA-ASJ Corebook v0.94.pdf 16 MB
Nov 07, 2020
FFA-ASJ Example Encounters v4.pdf 10 MB
Nov 07, 2020

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